Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Win Tickets to THE BATTERY at Sinister Cinema in Hamilton (April 17)

Win tickets to the Sinister Cinema presentation of THE BATTERY at the SilverCity Hamilton Mountain Cinemas (7:30pm on Thursday, April 17th).


“The best zombie film in quite a few years” – Mark L Miller, Ain’t It Cool News

“One of the greatest zombie films you may ever see” – Gabriel Ruzin, Screen Invasion

“The Battery is good. It’s damn good” – Lauren Taylor, Bloody-Disgusting.com

“The most reinvigorating take on the zombie subgenre I’ve seen in ages” – Kier-La Janisse, Fangoria

“A triumphant feat of dramatic horror” – Brad McHargue, Dread Central

THE BATTERY is a suspenseful and incredibly inventive drama-horror film about two men who must not only survive a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by zombies, but who must survive each other. Winning rave reviews on the Festival circuit, Front Row Centre along with Raven Banner are proud to present this striking film as the next feature in the popular Sinister Cinema series.

Two former baseball players, Ben and Mickey, make a trek across a desolate New England with the omnipresent threat of zombies. They stray away from the cities and towns now teeming with lumbering corpses, and stick to the surrounding empty back roads and forests.

As the two men are alone together, they must learn to overcome the striking differences in each other’s personalities. Ben embraces an increasingly feral, ungoverned, nomadic lifestyle of living alone, while Mickey is unable to accept the harsh realities of the new world. In a land void of civilization, one could really use a friend.

Raven Banner has given Horror in the Hammer two (2) double passes to THE BATTERY

DEADLINE: 12am on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 (ET)

*Contest open only to residents of Canada
**One entry per email address

Two winners will be selected at random and notified in the morning by email on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This special screening is part of Raven Banner's Sinister Cinema Series

Thursday, April 10, 2014

SHOCK STOCK's Reel Deal Saturday Soiree (feat. Masters of Schlock & Sprocket Damage)

Days to Shock Stock: 1

The Shock Stock subculture weekend celebration will soon be upon us! Shock Stock's going to turn London, ON upside down this April 11-13 weekend with most of the action going down at Centennial Hall. However, there ain't no party like a Shock Stock party unless you hit the outrageous off-site parties.



( $10 cover for non-wild man pass holders)

The scumbag soiree is a Late Nite freak-fest and a sure fire way to kick it up a notch at Shock Stock 2014!

Featuring live music by SPROCKET DAMAGE and hosted by THE MONSTERS OF SCHLOCK, the night's gonna be jam packed with drunks, punks, and tree trunks.

Word is that the Monsters of Schlock are going to attempt to break a world record. If nothing else, you're not going to want to miss the scumbags of Shock Stock attempt the notorious  HUMAN CENTIPEDE SHOT.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



review by AARON ALLEN

Directed by Bill Zebub

Bill Zebub's latest attempt at subversive genre movie comedy is Scienceless Fiction. Meant to flip the liberal agenda of American science fiction, it screened last weekend at Cinema Wasteland in Ohio. I was there. And I really have only one thing to say about it.

For more about Scienceless Fiction, visit Billzebub.com (NSFW)

Roadkill Jill's Lovely Bones at SHOCK STOCK 2014

Days to Shock Stock: 2

This weekend at Shock Stock, horror movies won't be the only things for sale. If you're more fashion-minded and looking for some gracefully ghoulish accessories, stop by the Roadkill Jill Creations booth.

Beaver Bone Pendant by Roadkill Jill Creations
Roadkill Jill Creations artist Jessica Banks specializes in hand-made horror jewelry, hair accessories and art work featuring taxidermy and bone pieces. Whether you're a fan of taxidermy, bone collectibles, or simply accessories for the odd, Roadkill Jill Creations will be showcasing a variety of skulls and wet specimens at her Shock Stock table this weekend in London, ON. While her artwork is certainly macabre, all the bones are ethically obtained.

Bejeweled muskrat skull, anyone?

Roadkill Jill Creations is just one of many exciting vendors of the weird, wild, sleazy, and scary who will be rocking SHOCK STOCK 2014 this weekend at Centennial Hall in London, ON (April 11 - 13).

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Days to Shock Stock: 3

Horror in the Hammer is very excited to announce that we will be moderating the SHOCK STOCK Q&A with SLEEPAWAY CAMP star FELISSA ROSE!

That's right! Felissa Rose, who played Angela in the infamous 1983 horror/exploitation film Sleepaway Camp, will be a guest of honour at this weekend's SHOCK STOCK horror and exploitation celebration (April 11 - 13 at Centennial Hall in London, ON).  Little Angela's all grown up now, and she's ready to take you back to Camp Arawak with tales of what it was like to be involved in one of the most shocking and mind-destroying twist-endings ever put on film.
"Meet me at the waterfront, after the social"



April 12 @ 11:05 AM


Slasher films don’t get much better than Sleepaway Camp, and Felissa has never stopped slashing her way through the horror business and working with many other legends in the process. HORROR IN THE HAMMER’S Aaron Allen hosts a Q&A which promises to deliver the goods! So pack your bags...you won't be coming home!

For more convention information, tickets, and the full schedule of events, visist SHOCK-STOCK.com

Monday, April 7, 2014


Days to Shock Stock: 4

This weekend, SHOCK STOCK is going to rock London, ON with the creme de le corpse of horror and exploitation celebrities. Headlining the con is none other than Captain Spaulding himself: SID HAIG.

Every year, SHOCK STOCK delivers a gaggle of down-to-earth horror guests enthusiastic about meeting their adoring fans. At what other conventions can you hang by a table and catch a 10 minute conversation with your favorite exploitation icon or horror hero and then share a drink with them at an after-party? Despite his horror pedigree and iconic killer-clown makeup, Sid Haig is famous for being one of the nicest con guests on the circuit.

Known to most horror fans as the sleazy clown and sideshow operator Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, Sid Haig began his early career in Westerns and with spots on late 60s TV such as Batman and Star Trek. Despite a blink-and-you'll-miss-it role in Jack Hill and Stephanie Rothman's 1966 horror film Blood Bath, Haig is now very well known for early his role in Jack Hill's Spider Baby in which he plays one of the demented members of the murderous Merrye family. Whether it be his extensive TV career or his roles in features, Sid Haig has appeared in almost all genres. He had roles in a number of 70s blaxploitation films like Coffy, Foxy Brown, Black Mama, White Mama, and Savage Sisters before taking a detour through sci-fi with Galaxy of Terror (1981) and The Aftermath (1982). He was of course catapulted into modern genre fame with roles in Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown and, more importantly, as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses.

Sid Haig has since appeared in a number of horror and genre films including The Devil's Rejects, Rob Zombie's Halloween, Mimesis, Creature, and Hatchet III.

The word around town is that Sid Haig is one hell of a nice guy. But if you ask nice, we're sure he'll let you on The Murder Ride for some shits and giggles. If you dare......

Friday, March 28, 2014



review by Darrell Marsh

Directed by Chris Woods

Written by John Miller and Chris Woods

Starring Jules Sceiro, Bob Glazier, Cyndi Crotts


Amerikan Holokaust is very worth watching if you are a fan of the nasty stuff (as I am)

When I first heard about Amerikan Holokaust, all I heard was comparisons to Toe Tag's August Underground. After watching the film, I can honestly tell you that other than both being found footage films that centre around depraved serial killers, Amerikan Holokaust is a very different film.

It follows two Vietnam vet buddies Michael Mashburn (convincingly played by Jules Sceiro) and his former Lieutenant, delightfully demented Antwan "Twan" Mercer (Bob Glazier), who, in their free time, like to torture and kill young women. This story is loosely based on real life psychotic killing duo, Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, who created a dungeon in Lake's home to keep their victims and torture them over a period of weeks.

Now don't go into this film expecting the wheel to be reinvented. There really isn't anything that hasn't been seen before. That said, in Amerikan Holokaust the roles are well played, the gore gags are fun to behold, and in the end, we're even treated to an unexpected twist. All in all, The Sleaze Box comes through with a debut that left me anticipating what they'll come up with next (their second release "Make Them Die Sleazy" is now available). 

Amerikan Holokaust is the first release from The Sleaze Box and can be ordered at www.thesleazebox.com